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Developments in EdReady

  • December 2021:

    Math Pathway to Placement for UM

    Field Testing Pathway to Placement from Middle School to Algebra

  • October 2021:

    Held Math and English Teacher Roundtable Discussions

    Added Montana Teacher Created Classroom Resources 

  • November 2020:

    Math Pathway to Placement for MSU

  • August 2020:

    Added school year selection to the primary dashboard

    Added a bulk download option for the student progress reports in GeniusSIS

  • July 2020:

    Initial Diagnostic now contains a “Pass” button for when students don’t know the answer to a question, and a “Hold” button so students can return to a question at the end of the assessment.

    Progress Report now shows student name in the title when printed

  • May 2020:

    Launched Gaps and Gains in Math and English Project

  • April 2020:

    Active Reader implemented for EdReady English.  To learn more visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact

  • June 2019:

    Continued development on Event Tracker/Alterts System

    Updated the color of the “Doing Well” score status

  • March 2019:

    Accessibility toggles improved

    Event Tracker/Alerts System in development

  • December 2018:

    Improved color/contrast issues and responsiveness to display plug-ins to further enhance accessibility

  • September 2018:

    Accessibility update to improve keyboard navigation and page descriptions

  • June 2018:

    Students can now toggle accessibility mode in order to view questions compatible with screen-reader tools.

    Alt-text added to embedded images for test questions and topic texts.

    Accessibility improvements will be a continued work priority.

  • March 2018:

    EdReady now displays learning objective titles when mousing over progress dots underneath Topic names on student study paths.

  • February 2018:

    After successfully piloting the EdReady English College Readiness goal to prepare students for ACT, English is now available upon request.  If you are interested in getting an EdReady English goal, please let us know at

  • January 2018:

    Student account creation now require less data.  You can find a list of the required items on the How To Get Started for Local Schools page.

  • December 2017:

    Teachers can now download username/password reports for their classes.  Visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact the EdReady team to learn more.

  • September 2017:

    Teachers can now view the questions students encountered during their Initial Diagnostics, Unit Tests, and Topic Tests as well as view their answers compared to the correct answers.  Visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact the EdReady team to learn more.

  • August 2017:

    The latest preview for EdReady English became available as a pdf.

  • July 2017:

    Additional questions and question types added to EdReady Math assessments.

    New Bulk Student Enrollment function added to the Student Bulk Account Creation process.

    Updated the search bar for the student information system to Omni Search.

    Added Recent Visits to the student information system dashboard.

  • June 2017:

    Download link for Topic Text now available on the Classroom Resources page of the EdReady Montana website.

  • May 2017:

    Login protocols updated

    Algebra 1 Supplement now available

  • April 2017:

    Unit test student access updated to prevent multiple attempts without accessing learning resources or Topic tests.

    Teacher accounts can now directly access learning resources available in their students’ goals.  Visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact the EdReady team to learn more.

  • March 2017:

    Student Session Logs made accessible to all teachers.  Visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact the EdReady team to learn more.

  • January 2017:

    Secondary/Elementary Education assessments updated to align with Montana Standards and better capture skill/knowledge gaps.  You can review the new assessments in the Elementary and Secondary Ed Assessment Menu.

    Goal structures updated to allow for student progress to be transferred between goals with matching content.

    Bookmarking functions introduced to EdReady tables, allowing you to save your filters for easy retrieval.  Visit our Teacher Tutorial or contact the EdReady team to learn more.