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Students and Parents

Welcome to the EdReady Montana program!

Welcome to EdReady! Any students in Montana interested in improving their math or English skills to prepare for school, career, or standardized exam can sign up for the individual goals listed on our site.

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However, your school may already have a formal EdReady Montana program in place (600+ schools in Montana do!), and you may already have an account that you’re not aware of. We ask that you check with your school first to find out since that program will already have course/study goals set for you.  

After you have checked with your school, you can then visit our signup page to begin using EdReady Montana.

Maddy – 8th grade – 2nd year user: “EdREady helps me learn more about a subject that we may have already learned to get a better understanding. Also, if I haven’t learned about a topic I can know about it before I actually learn about it in class.”
Adult student – Adult Basic Education Center, Billings, MT: “I waited 45 years to accomplish this goal (learning math concepts), and I am grateful for this learning method that has allowed me to accomplish this in such a short period of time. Thank you.”
Hadley – 9th grade – former BTGS student: “EdReady has affected my learning path deeply. It has helped me understand my math way better and has improved my learning skills. I liked how it was very personal to our skill levels and it was very helpful.”