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EdReady Montana Professional Development Offerings

The EdReady Montana team exists to help you utilize our program to best help your students.  We know that our most successful use cases begin with and are maintained throughout with professional development and support for your local implementation. Our team offers online and face-to-face local or regional sessions (when possible). These informative and flexible training opportunities are for teachers, staff, and administrators. 

We can offer any of the following types of training:

  • Overview of the program – who we are, how the program works, and successful use cases that will help you see the power of the program (20 – 30 minutes)
  • Orientation, planning and advising sessions for new users and schools – let us help you build a successful program in your school; starting from the ground up, building student accounts, choosing goals, communicating expectations, assessment strategies, and program management. (2 – 3 hours)
  • Refresher training for schools currently using the program – explore new features in the program, new use cases, and remind you about those once a year steps you have to take. (2 hours)
  • Reports, tracking and data – participants learn the power of the program and how data can be used to drive instruction, recognize gaps, monitor student usage, and determine best practices. (1 hour)

If you are interested in receiving training, please send an email to or follow the link above.  

Our team will reach out to you to determine what type of training will best fit your needs. 

***If you have previously attended a session and would like additional copies of the resources, please email with the subject line “EdReady PD Resource Request” and an EdReady staff member will send them to you.