Classroom Resources

EdReady Montana users have requested resources to assist in the delivery of EdReady Montana goals in the classroom. The worksheets below were created by EdReady Montana staff and/or provided by schools in Montana and are free for other schools to adopt or use to support their own classes. Each file comes in both .DOC and .PDF formats for easy modification and printing.

Also, if you have a resource to share with other EdReady users, please forward it to!

Unit/Topic Test Worksheet (DOC)(PDF)
This worksheet provides a resource for allowing your students to show their work and take notes as they complete each unit and/or topic. (**For use at all levels.)

Learning Materials Worksheet (DOC)(PDF)
This worksheet allows your students to take notes and work problems as they follow along with the online learning materials found in their study path. (**For use at all levels.)

Goal Tracking Worksheets
Daily (DOC)(PDF) – developed by Erinne Ark, Montana City Middle School
Weekly (DOC)(PDF) – developed by Cory Soulliard, Corvallis High School
Generic (DOC)(PDF) – developed by Nathaniel Mussetter, Park High School
These worksheets ask students to reflect on their daily/weekly goals and in their own words tell how the goals were achieved or not achieved.

Ticket to Test Worksheet (DOC)(PDF)
This worksheet is intended to be used for higher education purposes and allows the student to alert the instructor when they are ready to take a unit test.

Student Math Notebook Outline and Rubrics (DOC)(PDF)
This document can be used to help students remember and process information while using EdReady.

Downloadable PDFs of the EdReady Math Topic Text
Please contact if you are interested in getting PDF copies of the Topic Text.

Downloadable PDFs of the EdReady English Materials
EdReady English Reading Texts
EdReady English Writing Prompts
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