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How EdReady Montana Works

What do you want to be ready for?

The program is designed to prepare students for upcoming local math or English classes, supplement their skills while taking a math or English class, revisit possible gaps in general math skills, become better prepared for college math or English and place into desired classes, practice math skills needed for a desired career path study and review math concepts for a standardized exam (such as college placement, ACT or SAT).

The learner begins by taking an assessment in math or English. Then, depending on the learning goal established (i.e. a specific course placement, test prep), the program identifies the skills already mastered and the skills that still need development. From that, a personalized learning path is created. The student follows the path, working through customized content modules until mastery (as defined by the educator) is established.


Customized math and English learning goals are available from upper elementary school through adult education and college (math), and English learning goals are available for high school to adult ed and college.

Our implementation team is here to work with you to customize EdReady for your students. If you would like to learn more about how we can work with you, please fill out a quick interest form here: