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Interpreting EdReady MT Reports

Edited by Jason Leonard 406-203-1812 x202 Last Edit Date: 27 July 2015

Summary of Session:

The Interpreting EdReady MT Reports professional development session will educate attendees on the report capabilities of the EdReady MT program. Instruction will include where to find student progress report data, how to extract report data, and how to interpret provided report data for use in measuring student and classroom growth, student IEP development, and parent conferences.

Session Duration:

Interpreting EdReady MT Reports will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Session Objectives:

Upon completion of Interpreting EdReady MT Reports, session attendees will understand:

  • The reporting capabilities of the EdReady MT program.
  • How to access the various reports provided by the EdReady MT program.
  • How to extract reports from EdReady MT.
  • How to interpret data provided by EdReady MT.
  • How to utilize the data provided by EdReady MT.

Who should attend?

  • Principal
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Para-Professionals
  • Tutors
  • Any other position working with the students and monitoring math progress at individual, classroom, or school-wide level.

Related resources:

Upon session registration you will be sent a confirmation email; this confirmation will include the date and time of your session and an attachment with session resources. Please follow the enclosed instructions for resources to ensure that session attendees will have the best learning experience possible.

If you have previously attended this session and would like additional copies of the resources, please email with the subject line “EdReady PD Resource Request” and an EdReady staff member will send them to you.

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