EdReady MT in the News

WCET Blog Post leading up to WCET WOW Award, October 2018
MTDA leaders discuss how they have built the Edready Montana program teaming with educators from all around the state, and how it has begun to transform the way Montana fills learning gaps for students.

Ravalli Republic Article, October 2018
A student using Literacy Bitterroot shares her successful story of building hope for her future.

Press Release Regarding EdReady Montana’s WCET WOW Award, October 2018
The program is being recognized for their outstanding efforts to bring a scalable, replicable solution to filling in student learning gaps to Montana.

Literacy Bitterroot gets new home, December 2016
Dixie Stark discusses how Literacy Bitterroot has used EdReady MT to prepare students for college.

WCET media release for NROC’s EdReady program winning the WCET WOW Award, September 2015
EdReady Montana is featured in the video as the featured example of how EdReady can be scaled to meet student needs and fill learning gaps in math.

EdReady MT – A Case Study by The NROC Project, September 2015
Testimonials on the effectiveness of EdReady MT.

EdReady MT Billboard at night by Robert Currie, September 28, 2015
EdReady Montana Billboard Photo

EdReady MT Intro video, December 2014
A Brief overview of EdReady MT and how it works.

UM Press Release on EdReady MT funding, March 2014
The University of Montana reports on the Washington Foundation funding the EdReady Montana program.

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