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EdReady Montana is a program for all students in Montana from middle school through college who want to:

  • prepare for upcoming local math classes or curriculum
  • supplement their skills while taking a math class
  • revisit possible gaps in general math skills
  • become better prepared for college math
  • practice math skills needed for a desired career path
  • study and review math concepts for a standardized exam

Students can be signed up in the following ways:

  • through their secondary school
  • through their college campus
  • through their adult basic education center
  • as an individual

Funded by a generous gift from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) will bring the EdReady program to the State of Montana as the first state in the country to deploy EdReady to their students!

For more information, read the official press release.

NROC Developmental Math Project and EdReady Montana History

In the years leading up to the gift in February of 2014, Montana Digital Academy leaders worked with the NROC Project, a member-driven non profit organization with the goal of creating open educational resources. This partnership advised in the creation of the math curricular assets, assisted in piloting EdReady, and provided feedback on the program during the spring and summer of 2014. As one of five pilot states, MTDA tested the system at the University of Montana, Missoula’s Sentinel High School, Corvallis High School, and Lolo Middle School. For more information on the NROCmath project, visit their website.

EdReady Montana – A Montana Digital Academy Project

Montana Digital Academy, the statewide virtual school,  was created in 2009 by the Montana Legislature to serve K-12 students in Montana through a supplementary online curricular model. EdReady Montana extends upon the MTDA core offerings by helping to address gaps in math readiness and help students become better prepared for their college and career paths. The uniquely positioned MTDA serves nearly every high school and many middle schools in the state, is funded through the Montana Office for Public Instruction, and resides at The University of Montana – Missoula Campus. With the reach and coordination of MTDA and other educational partners in Montana, EdReady Montana will be deployed efficiently and broadly to all levels, and will tie in with the overall MTDA vision. To learn more about MTDA, visit their website.

NROC EdReady Piloting and EdReady Montana History

Based largely on the success of the pilot project at The University of Montana, MTDA partnered with the university to share the data and seek funding for the EdReady Montana Project. The goal was to bring the customizable version of EdReady to all Montana students from middle school to high school to College. The project is funded for an initial 3 years, and will allow the state to assess future funding opportunities after use cases are explored, served, measured and assessed. To read more about the pilot project, visit this site: http://info.edready.org/files/ER_PilotCaseStudy_MTDA-UM_Summer2013_v3.1.pdf

If you are looking for more details on Edready Montana you can view an hour-long webinar on this exciting program.

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation EdReady Montana Montana Digital Academy NROC Edready NROC Project University of Montana
EdReady Montana is a Project of Montana Digital Academy at the University of Montana
Contact us at:
Montana Digital Academy
Phyllis J. Washington College of Education
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive – Room 365
Missoula, Montana 59812
Phone: 406-203-1812
Fax: 406-203-1815
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