How do I get started as an individual in EdReady Montana?

To enroll as an individual student in EdReady Montana, go to the Individual enrollment section of our site, click on “Sign up for your personal EdReady Montana goal” or click this link to go to the page to sign up. (link) EdReady Montana individual goal signup page Read the note about enrolling as an individual vs. enrolling through your local school. Click on “EdReady Montana Math” from the dropdown menu then click the “Register” button. Pick the goal(s) you wish to take part in for EdReady Montana then click the “Register” button. Note, you can pick additional goals later. EdReady Montana individual goal choose goals picture   Read through the instructions on the left side, fill out the account creation information and click “create” button. EdReady Montana individual goal fill out personal information and submit Next, go to the page that will teach you how to get started. (link) If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at