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How do I get credit for EdReady?

EdReady is not a credit-bearing class.  It is a customized assessment and individualized learning path tool most appropriately used to assess understanding of a discrete set of math skills.  The system then allows each individual to address their deficiencies and work toward mastery of the material through custom delivered content.  When used as a companion to an existing math class, any credit tied to EdReady will be the choice of the individual school or teacher and not offered through EdReady Montana or the Montana Digital Academy.

How do we track students?

Reporting is available in several formats.  Graphic displays available inside facilitator accounts will show student progress, time in the system, last log-ins and a detailed breakdown of assessments completed during each session.  When looking at goal-level reports, facilitators will also be able to track individual student progress through the units and topics as they move from “not ready” to “mastered” in each topic area. To see the teacher tutorials for reporting, click this Link

Why should we use EdReady Montana instead of the public EdReady version?

The statewide EdReady Montana system allows schools to customize the scope of study, assessments and curricular resources used by their students as well as efficiently track and monitor/encourage student progress.  Individual students who sign up through EdReady Montana also get goals customized to the unique needs of Montanans.

EdReady Montana is free now, what happens after three years?

During the first three years of the project; data, feedback, outcomes and comments will be collected on the math readiness programs and used to create a proposal for the future of EdReady Montana to adequately meet the demands of our state.  It is the vision of the MTDA and EdReady Montana team that it will be freely available to Montanans as long as it is part of our offerings.

What are the tech requirements for using EdReady Montana?

The NROC College Readiness System, called EdReady, is a cloud-based application that personalizes the pathways to college readiness via referral to appropriate digital resources. By default, users are directed to resource components of the NROC Developmental Math program, which are published in HTML5 and should work in essentially the same manner across all Internet-enabled devices. There are some resource collections in the EdReady content library which will not work on all device operating systems (especially iOS); in those cases, the incompatible resources will be excluded from the referral list for those students.
  • Important Note: As of September 24, 2017, Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 users is not supported (This combination of browser and OS causes issues for matching questions in EdReady).
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 or higher (for Windows users) or Mac OS X v10.11 or v10.12 (for Mac users). iOS and mobile devices are supported.
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Safari 9.0 or later, Edge, Mozilla Firefox 50.0 or later, Internet Explorer 11.0**.
  • Internet Connection: A high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or Cable Modem, is highly recommended.
  • Content Filtering: Visit NROC's page on filtering guidelines.

Is EdReady Montana aligned to Common Core State Standards?

The EdReady Montana program can customize solutions to prepare students for any level of math between "basic arithmetic" and "pre-calculus" with a sprinkling of geometry, trigonometry, measurement and stats mixed in. It can be aligned to any combination of units, lessons or topics as displayed on page 2 of this document (LINK).

The program has shown phenomenal results for students learning the "conceptual understanding" level of all of these topics by using EdReady to "study" the resources and "test" over the content within the system. Educators then are able to build upon the solid foundation that EdReady can help provide as they teach to the higher levels of the Core Standards.  

As a state-wide customized version of EdReady, EdReady Montana is being used to create custom assessments and deliver a narrowed scope of curricular assets that can be designed to help students work toward any math related goals up to and including “college algebra” or "pre-calculus levels" of readiness.

Work is also underway to create even more resources leading to EdReady Montana goals for students working toward Montana Common Core State Standards.

How is EdReady Montana different from Khan Academy?

EdReady Montana allows schools to create custom scopes of content and customized assessments for students to meet their math goals. Existing use cases range from middle school to college as well as adult basic education. The program allows educators to track and monitor their students through those goals.  Khan Academy worked examples are a part of some pieces of the NROC developmental math curricular assets used by EdReady Montana but the content also incorporates many other resources to supplement student learning and add context to the Khan material.

Who can use EdReady Montana?

Any student in middle school, high school, college, university or adult basic education students in the State of Montana qualify to enroll in the EdReady Montana program. Any student in public or private schools in Montana may sign up. Make sure you check our most up to date list of participating schools to see if your school has an established program before you enroll individually. Students signing up through their local school, college or university will need to go through one of the local facilitators from that school.  Individuals in Montana also qualify to sign up and use EdReady Montana to improve their math skills.

What is EdReady Montana?

EdReady Montana is a Math readiness tool available at no cost to Montana schools from middle school to high school to college and adult basic education. Those interested can work with Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) to use existing assessments or set up custom options for students to measure their math readiness for a variety of educational goals then study the learning resources in their custom study path so they can work toward meeting their math learning goals.

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How to Get Started for Local Schools

For directions on how to start using EdReady MT at your school, please visit our How to get started for local schools page.
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