Is EdReady Montana aligned to Common Core State Standards?

The EdReady Montana program can customize solutions to prepare students for any level of math between “basic arithmetic” and “pre-calculus” with a sprinkling of geometry, trigonometry, measurement and stats mixed in. It can be aligned to any combination of units, lessons or topics as displayed on page 2 of this document (LINK).

The program has shown phenomenal results for students learning the “conceptual understanding” level of all of these topics by using EdReady to “study” the resources and “test” over the content within the system. Educators then are able to build upon the solid foundation that EdReady can help provide as they teach to the higher levels of the Core Standards.  

As a state-wide customized version of EdReady, EdReady Montana is being used to create custom assessments and deliver a narrowed scope of curricular assets that can be designed to help students work toward any math related goals up to and including “college algebra” or “pre-calculus levels” of readiness.

Work is also underway to create even more resources leading to EdReady Montana goals for students working toward Montana Common Core State Standards.

EdReady Montana is a Project of Montana Digital Academy at the University of Montana
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Montana Digital Academy
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